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Marilyn Barnicke BelleghemMarilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed., has been a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1981. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Adult Education and Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto. Her CV is available here.

Marilyn has many years of education and experience working with individuals, couples, families, groups and audiences. She shares  personal and professional stories that teach practical life skills. Marilyn's experience has taught her that not all relationships can be saved and achieving satisfaction and personal happiness can be very challenging. With knowledge and new skills that support  well functioning relationships people can create the quality of life they desire. 

Marilyn helps clients improve communication, manage stress, learn conflict resolution methods and gain greater ability to maximize their potential. Her focused systems approach assists people to identify and resolve problems to move through common stages of adult development. Marilyn actively supports clients in deciding when it is time to let go of environments and relationships that no longer foster mental and physical well being.

Marilyn incorporates practical techniques into her work. She assists clients to improve self awareness, enhance self esteem and increase self responsibility. Marilyn also assists individuals in connecting with their spirit to create balance and harmony in their lives.

"Through intensive self awareness, it is possible to discover your life purpose and find ways to fulfill your destiny." Marilyn says.

Marilyn's extensive personal and professional experiences provide a unique perspective. Her ability to overcome challenges gives her a keen insight into people who struggle to fit into a style which is unsuitable.

Writing is one of Marilyn's lifelong passions. She began her writing career co-writing a column in a Mississauga newspaper during her high school years at T. L. Kennedy High in Cooksville, Ontario. Her articles, book reviews and stories have been published both locally and internationally.

Marilyn is a recognized source for media and has been quoted in many publications and interviewed on radio and television throughout North America. As an international speaker, she has entertained and educated audiences with her ideas that stimulate thought, provoke critical thinking and encourage discussion.

"Happiness is about a lot of things. Getting along with those with whom we live and work is a big part of making life both enjoyable and interesting." she says.

When Marilyn went to England and Ireland on a working vacation with other mental health professionals, she took a voice recorder, notepads and camera, intent on making her experiences the backbone of her first self help memoir.  Questing Marilyn: In Search of My Holy Grail, Personal Growth Through Travel.

"My writing is easy to read. My stories bring readers right into my life. I include descriptions of people, places and events to create a sense that my readers are along with me on my travel and relationship adventures. 

First hand accounts are an innovative and unique way to present issues that clients often bring to a therapist. The methods I use to overcome adversty and redirect my path help readers learn life skills to apply in their own lives.

I see travel as an opportunity to create life-changing experiences as well as a temporary escape from routine and the responsibilities of life." reveals Marilyn.

Marilyn returned home from England to find all was not as she expected in her marriage. Discovering her husband had been romancing a woman who she though was her friend gave her the background for Questing France: Deepening the Search for My Holy Grail.

"My goal was to publish my work in Canada as a Canadian author. My style of writing is a combination of travel, self-help and memoir. It does not fit into one standard publishing category. I started Quest Publishing to meet my own publishing goals."

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