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Suggested Speaking Topics

Marilyn uses her many years of public speaking experience as a Canadian relationship expert to present to each audience in a unique way. Working with meeting planners and event coordinators she custom designs her topics to meet the needs of those who hire her to present to their groups.


Office Romance or Sexual Harassment

Ways to avoid harassment and what can be done about bullying, coercion, threats and fear with employers, managers and co-workers. Learn skills to have positive professional relationships and keep firm boundaries between personal and work relationships. Coworkers are not our friends but we can have friendly relationships with them. Hire Marilyn to speak at your workplace to improve professional relationships that foster greater productivity.


Personal Power - Beyond Assertiveness Training

Those attending Marilyn's presentation will learn to become more aware of their personal power. Attendees will learn ways to accept, use and appropriatly reject responsibility. Role power is assigned to us by our position in a system. Real power comes from within the individual with confidence, competence and a positive self-image. Let Marilyn help your group larn how you can use personal power to enhance home and workplace experiences.


Midlife Crisis - Midlife Growth

Mid-life is a time when many people undergo changes in thinking and feeling. Some find this traumatic. For many it is the beginning of a whole new life adventure. Almost all experience deep and serious questioning. Let Marilyn help your group learn to adapt to the process of change. Marilyn's presentation will show your audience new ways to evaluate personal and professional options. Discover ways to turn challenges into opportunities when Marilyn is the speaker at your event.


Love, Romance and Responsibility - Falling IN Love Again

Falling out of love with a partner can happen when responsibilities consume time, energy and resources. Get those "in love" feelings back into your relationship. Learn skills to keep the romance alive when Marilyn presents to your group.


Adult Children Of Alcoholics - Choices for Change

Dysfunctional families, including substance abuse families, have denial as a major coping mechanism. This defensive adaptation helps people live as if their world is OK when it is everything but fine. This presentation helps participants overcome denial and see how choices for change can be made. Suitable for small retreats or large conference keynote presentations.


Parenting for Self Esteem

Today's children are living in a constantly changing world where influences from peers, the media and even family members create expectations and influence behaviours. Parents and teachers can learn to teach children that they eventually must take the responsibility for their own lives. Setting this goal of self responsibility, called maturity, will create the courage to push through the difficult stages of growth and development. This presentation is suitable for teachers' professional development days and parenting courses. Consider this for your church or school now!


Personal Growth Through Travel

Based on Marilyn's self help memoirs this presentation suits audiences of all sizes. Issues of maturity, self responsibility, infidelity, travel with children, solo travel, building relationships and self discovery are explored with humour and candid revelations. Excellent after a group has read books from the Questing series and for those who would like to leave a legacy by writing their own memoirs.


Custom designed presentations are Marilyn's specialty!


Contact Marilyn to ask how she can design a special motivational and educational presentation for your audience!

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